“There’s just enough twang to feel genuine, just enough shit kickin’ to let you know it’s the real deal.”

                                                             - Ear to the Ground Music

     With a wandering soul and a heavy heart, Jordan Miller finds a way to tangle you up in an acoustic six-string melody, and then sing you back to a memory with his words.   He is one to find inspiration from his long list of personal experiences and North Florida upbringing. Storytelling lies at the core of the Tennessee based singer-songwriters music, as he aims to take the listener on a journey they may have yet to travel.

When asked how he would describe his music, “I like the real and raw emotion of storytelling.  I want even the drunk man to know how the sober man is feeling.”

Despite his age, he has no shortage of life experiences.  By 24, Jordan had been to jail, was given his share of heavy heartache, and had plans to make the move to Music City. 


    Jordan grew up in a small, rural town just south of Tallahassee, Florida in Wakulla County.  Raised by divorced parents, it helped being surrounded by family.  “My dad was a deputy sheriff.  Every morning he would drop me off at my Nana’s house before the sun was even up so he could go to work and I’d catch the bus.  I’d also get dropped off there after school.  I planted every tree in her backyard.  She’ll tell you that too!” 


    He would agree, that it was his mother’s side of the family helped introduce him to the sounds of an instrument in his early childhood. “My mom and I stayed with my grandparents for some time growing up before she remarried.  My grandfather was a steady banjo picker.  Every Sunday morning before church I’d walk down stairs to hear Foggy Mountain Breakdown or Blue Moon of Kentucky ringing throughout the house.  Looking back I cherish that.”  That style of roots music can be heard in his own songs like “Hayesville”, which he wrote anticipating a vacation trip to a family mountain house in the Blue Ridge Mountains. 


    By late 2016, Jordan had married, was living in a mortgaged house, and had done what many people call “settling.” “Still living in the same place I was born, never experiencing somewhere else was eating me up.  I knew I wanted to be in Nashville.  One day I woke up, and just told my wife I felt the time had come.  She agreed and a year to the month, we sold the house and were living in Nashville.”

     Upon relocating to Nashville, he released his first EP titled, "SOUNDS".  The four song album consisted of tunes he had written over the years, that seemed to resonate with listeners live.  He has since released his first full length project titled, Mountain Side River Dream, which is out now on all major streaming platforms.  


    Jordan's focus currently resides in Nashville, TN playing with the Highway Natives, a band he co-founded in 2018 with bandmate and Nashville friend, Brandon Moore.  You can keep up with Highway Natives by visiting Highwaynatives.com, or following them on social media at @Highwaynatives.