• Jordan Miller

The Bookshelf - November 2019

I was never much of a reader growing up. Even after grade school it took some time for my mind to mature and lessons to be learned for me to appreciate reading a good book. Some would say I’m a boring reader, especially my wife, as I tend to lean more towards Non-Fiction and Self-Help, but that’s just what I’ve grown to love.

I’ve read quite a few self-help and motivational books here in my 20’s. I’ve still got several on my list I’d like to get around to. I can say from my own experience, a lot of them tend to say the same things, but what I enjoy most about reading them, is there’s always something that may have been missed or said differently that resonates more than the last.

A few months back I was having a conversation with a dear friend of mine at dinner, who suggested a book by American author John Maxwell. Considering the respect I have for this friend, I took the suggestion to heart. He was gracious enough to send me one of John’s books, titled The 15 Invaluable Laws Of Growth. If you listen to my podcast, you’ve heard me speak several times about this book. Whether it be a timing coincidence, or just new ideas, this book is one I am glad was put in my path.

If you’re stuck in life, feeling overwhelmed, or just wanting to better your journey altogether, consider turning the pages of this one. I’m sure glad I did.


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